Soapery 21 is an eco-conscious small business dedicated to removing harsh chemicals and unnecessary plastics from people's daily lives. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Soapery 21 continually strives to improve the environmental impact of its products by sourcing ingredients and packaging with minimal ecological footprint.

Suzanne,  founder of Soapery 21, has a longstanding interest in the health and wellbeing properties of essential oils. For over a decade, she has been creating natural products for her family and home, and during lockdown, they seized the opportunity to further experiment and refine her recipes. Encouraged by positive feedback from friends and family, she decided to launch this small business.

Based in the scenic Shetland Isles, Soapery 21 draws inspiration from the surrounding elements, nature, and local culture. Living close to nature and being mindful of global environmental issues have significantly influenced the Suzanne's commitment to living sustainably and reducing her environmental footprint.

All Soapery 21 products, including soaps, butters, balms, soaks, wax melts, and shower steamers, are meticulously handmade in small batches in a home workshop. Nourishing oils and butters and mineral rich clays from sustainable sources are used.  Essential oils are used for their health and wellbeing properties and products are infused or adorned with plant-based botanicals. Whenever possible, botanicals are harvested from the founder's own garden. Soapery 21 also opts for rapeseed wax, which has a lower carbon footprint compared to other imported plant waxes like soy, coconut, and palm wax.

Soapery 21 takes pride in offering vegan-friendly, palm oil-free products that are free from parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Moreover, the business is dedicated to reducing the use of plastics, and all packaging is either recycled, reusable, or recyclable. Rest assured, Soapery 21's soaps undergo thorough safety assessments, and all products comply with the EU and UK cosmetic selling regulations.